DV Backup

DV Backup (Standard Edition) 1.4.3

Backup data on a DV tape


  • Tape controls
  • Compress and schedule backups


  • Not the best backup method
  • Can be slow

Not bad

DV Backup lets you backup any file to your DV camera. As stated by the developer on his website, technically a low cost 60 minutes tape could store around 17.5 Gb of data, much more than any DVD.

If not somewhat dated, DV Backup's interface makes it easy to handle your saved data, as long as your DV camera is well connected. All the regular controls on your DV camcorder, such as ejecting or playback can be carried out through DV Backup.

Click on 'Hard Disk' and you'll open a window showing all your backups and the amount of space used. DV Backup also lets you compress backups and schedule them regularly, just make sure your DV camcorder is connected and turned on!

One of the main drawbacks of DV Backup is the format itself. It may be able to store more than a DVD, but it unfortunately will not be as fast handling the data. Patience is the key...

DV Backup makes for an alternative solution to saving data, but I'd still stick to DVDs or best, an external hard drive.

DV Backup


DV Backup (Standard Edition) 1.4.3

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